What Not To Do In Rome

Rome is a city that runs on its sort of controlled chaos, based on some unspoken rules and customs. The city can do a lot to you – it can show you ethereal chapels and Renaissance frescoes, or it can push you into the midst of a massive traffic jam – either way Rome is […]


Beaches near Rome

While Rome is known for its history, architecture, and old world charm, the Eternal City has more to offer. All of the resorts are within easy of reach of Rome offer either private beaches with paid entrance and facilities or free beaches with the option to rent lounge chairs to take in the sun, all […]


Things to Do In Rome

For people planning on visiting Rome, there is no better advice than the adage “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Being the Eternal City, Rome has a lot to offer visitors ranging from unique architecture to cuisine, to handicrafts and so on. First trip or not, Rome is bound to overwhelm your senses, […]


Nightlife in Rome

If you’re going for a trip to Rome, you might spend the day admiring all that the beautiful city has to offer – the magnificent architecture, the art, the cuisine, and all else that is historical and antique. But at night, the city springs to life with its music and nightclubs and dancing. Here are […]


Best Bars in Rome

Rome is into its third millennium of wine consumption and the bars in the city keep getting better and better. Here is a list of places as to where you can get your drink on in Rome. Alembic Whether for aperitivo or drinks, this trendy bar at the heart of Trastevere is the place to […]