While Rome is known for its history, architecture, and old world charm, the Eternal City has more to offer. All of the resorts are within easy of reach of Rome offer either private beaches with paid entrance and facilities or free beaches with the option to rent lounge chairs to take in the sun, all equipped with children’s facilities making this an ideal vacation spot for the beach-lovers out there. Here are some of the top beach areas near Rome you should check out.

S. Marinella

An hour away by train from Termini station, the Marinella beach with its small strip of white sandy beach is a popular option with windsurfers.

S. Marinella

S. Severa

Less than 10 km away from S. Marinella, this beach lies 50 km north of Rome and is a 10-minute walk from the station. You can take one of the Civitavecchia trains from Rome to reach this place that offers both private and free beaches, as well as a magnificent castle.


With its long stretches of sand with both private and free beaches, Fregene was the chic hotspot in the 1960s and 70s and today attracts Rome’s club scenes in the summer months. Although the journey takes an hour, the trip is made worth it thanks to the wide range of family restaurants and tavole calde.


Taking a one-hour bus ride will get you to Ostia and the Canelli along the coast nearest to Rome. Ostia is known for its private beach experience while Canelli offers free beaches that are equipped with restaurants and bathrooms.


This stretch of beach is a Blue Flag area, which indicates its high environmental and quality standards. This sustainable area predominantly consists of free beaches with a few private beaches to choose from, should the need be. Another fascinating aspect of Sabaudia is its Mussolini-era architecture.


S. Felice Circeo

Circeo is also home to a number of Blue Flag beaches, as well as beautiful crystal clear waters. This area has more private beaches to offer, but the small trek to the free beach nearest the port is a move you won’t regret.


Terracina is located 10km south of Circeo and requires you to take the hourly regional train for Naples, getting off at Monte S. Biagio, and a 20-minute bus until the beach. There are a roughly equal number of private and free beaches which are family-friendly owing to its cleanliness and maintenance.