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Statue Rounded Place

The Statue Rounded Place holds a lot of historical importance. This architectural wonder has everything that it takes to make anyone fall in love with it.

Margutta 19

Museums are not just places to visit. They are places that provide us with a lot of information about the rich history, heritage and culture.

Sculpture Fountain

Just the view of the open sculpture fountain is all it takes to know how much work has gone into it. The minute details in the sculptures will really blow our minds.

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Nightlife in Rome

If you’re going for a trip to Rome, you might spend the day admiring all that the beautiful city has to offer – the magnificent architecture, the art, the cuisine, and all else that is historical and antique. But at night, the city springs to life with its music and nightclubs and dancing. Here are some of the best nightclubs for dancing.

Live Alcazar

Live Alcazar is an all-new concept in Trastevere which will give you a night to remember with all the various performances and events it has to offer. On Thursdays, Live Alcazar offers live music jam sessions. Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for concerts by international and Italian soul, R&B, funk, and jazz artists, along with resident bands. As the night goes on, you can pick yourself up with some perfect classic and mixology cocktails, and music that transforms the place into a dance floor. Live Alcazar

La Conventicola degli Ultramoderni

This burlesque club is run by two fantastic directors, Sior Mirkaccio Dettori, and Madame De Freitas, the latter being the icon of post burlesque variety shows. The leadership quality shines through in all of the clubs with its extraordinary and creative flow as space for the best underground artists along with the directors, to take the stage. The Conventicola is unparalleled in all of Italy, a world unto itself, making it perfect for a special night out.

Circolo degli Illuminati

While most other clubs blast a certain kind of music and have one specific vibe, Il Circolo degli Illuminati will do you three better. The club has three clubrooms and a large garden, with each of the clubrooms offering different kinds of music. The first room is oriented towards tech house music, the second towards Hip Hop, both perfect for dancing, while the third room offers chill music for you to relax to while sipping cocktails. While visiting this place, make sure you attend their Minù – a weekly Saturday night party featuring the best electronic music. Circolo degli Illuminati

Shari Vari Playhouse

This club, situated in the heart of Rome, used to be called the SupperClub. But today, it has transformed completely to earn its place in Rome’s nightlife. Recast as the Shari Vari Playhouse, it truly lives up to its playhouse title by offering a little something for everyone. The interior design of the club is akin to a 50s American household. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can find the club playing different kinds of music in different rooms on two different floors. It is open for dinner every night, and reservations are necessary to gain access to this club.  

Best Hotels In Rome

If you’re planning a trip to Rome, the options of hotels you get to choose from are many ranging from luxury to budget hotels. Here’s a list of some of the best hotels in Rome to stay at on your trip.

The H’All Tailor Suite

This elegant and trendy hotel is on a quiet street in upscale Rome in the affluent Borghese neighborhood, less than 10 minutes away from the central Piazza del Popolo. The city’s major monuments such as the Vatican or the Castel Sant’Angelo are within walking distance, making it an ideal stay for those who wish to stay close to the action Rome has to offer, but an oasis away from the commotion. With 14 luxurious rooms that come at a rate of £161 per night, this hotel also boasts a gourmet restaurant headed by one of the city’s most celebrated chefs. The H'All Tailor Suite

Gran Meliá Rome

Located on the panoramic Gianicolo Hill, this luxury restaurant imparts an urban feel with its lush surroundings, fine-dining ambiance, and elegant services. Being in the heart of historic Rome, this hotel has a unique style that combines both the essence of Rome and a cosmopolitan touch. It also offers a wide range of amenities – two pools, a patio bar, a bistro, and a spa, among others. Their elegant rooms with all the sophisticated trimmings go for £197 per night.

Hotel Raphael

Situated behind the Piazza Navona, Hotel Raphael manages to combine an Old World charm with a New World sensibility, and is located very close to some of the most amazing sights the city has to offer. Designed with an ecological conscience, this certified bio-hotel focuses on nature with its organic products, organic vegetarian food, and sustainable energy. The hotel’s bold rooms made in Richard Meier’s trademark styles, go for £151 per night. Hotel Raphael

Margutta 19

Since opening in 2017, this hotel has become a favorite of travelers with its beautiful location in the cobbled backstreet of Via Margutta, which has been the most celebrated artist’s street in Rome. The air of sophisticated chic of the place is shared by the hotel itself with its secret gardens that provide entry into the Villa Medici. One of the most luxurious hotels the city has to offer and the only one with full hotel services and a well-curated restaurant that is run by Michelin-starred chef Angelo Troiani, this hotel gives you a feeling of exclusivity that is reflected in its £295 per night price tag.

Best Bars in Rome

Rome is into its third millennium of wine consumption and the bars in the city keep getting better and better. Here is a list of places as to where you can get your drink on in Rome.


Whether for aperitivo or drinks, this trendy bar at the heart of Trastevere is the place to be. With lights that are dimmed down and a cozy atmosphere, the bar balances both the chic and the homely with its unique combination of chill music, art, and cocktails. The aesthetic with wax dripped wine bottles, chandeliers, and modern art will ensure that Alembic becomes your go-to spot in the Trastevere. Alembic

La Punta Expendio de Agave

The result of three years of travel through Mexico and the prime location within city hot spots The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy and Freni e Frizioni, La Punta Expendio de Agave is a haven for Rome’s wanderlust minds. The owners are well versed in the art of creating Mexican cocktails, specializing in those influenced by the region of Oaxaca. The bar with its strong tequila and Mezcal presence presents an opportunity to learn of a culture outside of Italy.

Coffee Pot

With its hip interiors, stylish décor and great music, Coffee Pot is the kind of place that demands you to savor it sans the rush. The uber-cool collective space features a lounge that serves up an array of dishes ranging from sushi, tacos, and drinks from an extensive cocktail menu, and also as a bonus opens up an outdoor patio for the summer months.

Bar del Fico

This is the go-to spot for all Romans who crave a good cocktail or two, or just want to show themselves off and be seen. The club is frequented by posh yet cool locals and is a great space to interact with them or to just lounge with a beer or a cocktail while you wait for the nightclubs to come to life. Bar del Fico always has huge crowds inside that often spill into the piazza, making this the prime spot for pretty-people-watching in the city. Bar del Fico

Ex Circus

A hidden gem just a small distance away from the Piazza Navona, Ex Circus appears to be a cross between a café, a bar and a bistro which also has the perk of doubling as a study room. Homely and hip, this place is perfect for grabbing an aperitivo or a casual drink. But what sets this place apart is not merely the alchemy of alcohol, but also the events they offer that range from art exhibitions to musical events and even yoga lessons.

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